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The Non-Designers Guide to Canva


Are you ready to create stunning, on-brand designs without the steep learning curve?



Join The Non-Designer's Guide to Canva: A Mini Course by Swell Design and learn how to use Canva like a pro. Elevate your Instagram grid, design captivating flyers, and nail your branding effortlessly.

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Need the Deets?





What We Will Cover

Instagram Social Media Graphics

Did You Know?

Most of our social media graphics are made entirely in Canva!

What are the benefits to taking this course?


Save $$$

Learning to create on-brand graphics yourself can save you money by reducing the need to hire professional designers or outsourcing design work.

What is included in the course?

Video Recordings

With pre-recorded videos for each module, you can take this course at any time after purchase and use it as a continuous reference.

PDF Resources

When you purchase The Non-Designer's Guide to Canva, you will also be given access to helpful PDF documents that walk you through the steps to accompany the video resources.

Helpful Links

We will provide you with helpful articles, links, and even other video resources that might be helpful in your journey to learn Canva.

Email Support

When going through a course like this, we want to be sure you have a reliable point of contact. You'll receive contact inforamtion specific to the course for any questions along the way.

Sarah Wells Smiling on computer

Course Instructor: Sarah Wells

The course will be guided by Sarah Wells, Owner & Lead Designer of Swell Design. With a track record of assisting over 300 business owners, Sarah has extensive experience in providing design services across various aspects, including branding, logos, websites, and social media graphics. Her expertise enables her to teach you how to effectively utilize Canva for your own business, leveraging your existing brand assets and the tools at your disposal.

Image by Adrien Olichon

You are a good fit for this course if:

  • You have little to no professional experience with graphic design

  • You want to create professional-looking designs without hiring a designer

  • You're an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to enhance your brand's visuals + marketing

  • You're a start-up and can't invest in hiring a designer at this time

  • You're looking for a cost-effective solution to graphic design

  • You enjoy being creative, but you feel like what you create for your business never quite hits the mark

  • You're willing to learn and apply new skills

This course may not be a good fit if:

  • You're already proficient in Canva or other graphic design tools

  • You feel that everything you are currently designing for your business matches your brand vision

  • You're looking for advanced design techniques and concepts

  • You prefer using more complex software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop

  • You're not interested in DIY graphic design

  • You're not open to exploring online tools for design

  • You're looking for a course that focuses on specific marketing strategies/campaigns or how to increase your social following

Is This Course Right For You?

"Sarah + her Swell design team were patient and kind when teaching us how to navigate Canva. Her quick and easy tips helped us elevate our eye-catching content. She took a tool that can sometimes be overwhelming and made it easy for someone who has never had any education on Social Media Management."


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