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4 Reasons to Brand Yourself as a Stylist working in a Salon

If you are in the hair and beauty industry, you likely have some experience working a chair within a salon. Did you simply leave the marketing up to the salon, or did you work to market yourself? You may be wondering what the benefits are to branding yourself, even if you work within a well-known salon.

reason one: book more of your ideal client

If you are marketing yourself and your skills, you are more likely to book more of your ideal client. Maybe your preference is working with clients who want blonde balayage, for example. If you leave the marketing up to your salon, they may not make it public knowledge what your preference and area of expertise in. You'll get more clients who call and just say to book them with whoever has availability.


If you market yourself and have an Instagram sharing your work and a clear message in your bio that you specialize in blonde balayage, then clients can cross reference your name from your salon's website, check out your work and learn more about you. Then, when they call in, they will be more likely to ask for you by name since you specialize the type of work they want to have done.

reason two: more freedom and flexibility should you ever want to move locations

If you create your own independent branding, outside of the salon you work for, you have more freedom and flexibility should you ever want to move locations to another salon, or open up your own salon/suite on your own. Having brand/name recognition will make it much more likely that your clients will follow you and be able to locate you easily in the future.

reason three: easier for your clients to recommend you to their friends

It is so much easier to build a following as an individual if you have your own branding, when you work with a client and their friend asks where they got their hair done, they can DM your personal Instagram profile showcasing your brand and your work, so they instantly connect the work you've done with YOU and not the salon as a whole.

reason four: make more money

If you are in a place where you are allowed to set your own pricing (even if working within a salon), having strong individual branding can lead to higher profits for you. Cost is determined by value placed on an item or service, it's not the same for everyone. Once you build confidence, recognition, and clientele, you will be able to place a higher price tag on your services to accommodate a full calendar. Most people in service-based industries share a similar goal - work less (time) and make more (money).

Having a strong and strategic brand in place, even if you never dream of owning your own salon, is SO important for building name and brand recognition so you can focus on what matters - finding work/life balance, making more money, and continuing to do the work you love and seeing the happy faces of your clients when they stand up from your chair.

One of my goals is to become the go-to brand and website designer in the hair and beauty industry. I absolutely love working with people in these industries and being able to let the vision they have for their brand come together perfectly in the end.

Schedule a call today for a free, no obligations phone call to learn more about what this process would be like to brand (or rebrand) your business.

I would love to talk to you about what this would mean for you and your business and how we could work together to create the perfect branding!


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